Who are we?

We are a group of six students from Heriot-Watt University, tasked to create the smart home system of the future as a part of the third year Software Engineering and Professional Development course.

The project started late September 2019, and we completed at the end of April 2020, at a time where COVID-19 related restrictions are imposed.

You can read our final stage 3 report, which describes the functional requirements, market research, group organisation, application user guide, and much more. Also check out our marketing website which was submitted with the project.

We also created an animated mini-documentary where the group members explained how the system works, including the Minecraft demo.


We consist of the following members:

Check out the Nacdlow development video, which visualises the team contribution towards this project.

What have we built

During the 7 months, we have created many sub-projects which is a part of this system. Some projects are plugins (based on the plugin SDK we built), others are tools we built for ourselves to help us during the development of this project.

The following is the repositories we have created. Click on them to get more details and demonstrations of the program.

iglü server
Plugin SDK
Plugin Packager
Payment Gateway
E-Ink Display
Waveshare Driver Patch
Minecraft Simulation Spigot Plugin
Minecraft Simulation iglü Plugin
LIFX iglü Plugin
Light Mode iglü Plugin